About Us

As a graduate of UCLA School of Dentistry, Dr. Steven K. Watanabe has had the pleasure of improving patients’ smiles for over 30 years! Dr. Watanabe believes in a simple, truthful approach to dentistry. His mission is to educate patients so they can make an informed treatment decision. We will always explain every diagnosis and treatment, and give you options, including sometimes delaying treatment or no treatment at all when it is practical. This truthful, open approach is one of the many reasons our satisfied patients refer their friends and family to Dr. Watanabe.

We have 4 staff members, including my wife Denise, and 2 hygienists who do most of the cleanings.  Denise has been here since the beginning in 1985.  Other staff members are Jennifer, who’s been with us for 16 years,  and Mindy with us for 18 years.  Ginger and Teri, my 2 hygienists have been with us for 31, and 20 years respectively.  This is part of that “homey” feel to our office.